Electronic delivery of documents

Dear users!

We are pleased to offer you the service of electronic document delivery. This service allows you to receive an electronic copy of the printed edition from the library of TNEU via the Internet. By using the service of electronic document delivery you can order electronic copies of the following documents:

·selected articles from scientific journals and periodicals up to 10 pages;

·certainpages or sections of books up to 10 pages;

·issued by government authorities within their powers: official documents of political, legislative, administrative nature (laws, decrees, regulations, etc.).

Ordering and providing of services

To order an electronic copy is necessary:

·to find the bibliographic description of the required document using electronic catalogue or virtual reference on the website of the library of TNEU, or by using the directories and files in the information-bibliographic department of the library of TNEU;

·tofill in the order form for each document and send it by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

· the customer guarantees (by electronic order form) that a copy will only be used for scientific or educational purposes (so-called "fair use" under the law "On copyright and related rights"), and not commercial, will not distribute any electronic copy or printed.

· after receiving the order and checking the fund availability of the document, library within 3 working days fulfills the order and sends the document to the specified customer’s  email. (Scan of the ordered materials is carried out only from the printed editions in not exceeding A4 format, texts of the documents are provided in PDF format, scan resolution up to 300 dpi).

Library of the university is not responsible for:

·using the client copy of the document for commercial purposes;

·transferring copies by the user to the third parties (both physical and legal);

·publicationcopyof the user (as its separate parts or in its entirety).

Attention! According to the Law of Ukraine "On copyright and related rights", orders are only accepted for reprographic reproduction and delivery of some published articles and excerpts from published written works. Copying of documents in full is not implemented!

The final copy may only be used for the purpose of education, teaching and private study. Not allowed to duplicate received copies, to reproduce them in any form, except for one-time printing of an electronic file,to transmit to other persons or organizations.

Liability for unauthorized use obtained from the library copies of documents, according to the current legislation, the user's responsibility.

The library reserves the right to refuse the order for reasons of technical, organizational, moral / ethical and related document status and notifies the customer. The library is not responsible for delays and interruptions in providing services to the subscriber, occurring for reasons that are beyond the library control.