Library guidelines

1. General Provisions

1.1. Library guidelines for Ternopil National Economic University were made up to Law of Ukraine "On Libraries and Librarianship" of 27.01.1995r., The Model Regulation "On the university library III-IV level of accreditation approved by the MES of Ukraine №641 from 06.08.2004r ., Model of the library higher educational institution of Ukraine №321 from 31.08.1998r Regulations about the library of Ternopil national economic University.
1.2. The university library is an educational, scientific, informational, cultural and educational structural department deed-educational institution and provides printing works and other information materials, training, research and you by Supreme processes University.
13. University Library funds are the main part of the national reference system and are under the state protection.
1.4. The University provides legal, organizational, financial and material conditions necessary for the library process functioning, be exact, include proper storage, usage, replenishment and storage the funds, also library computerization and technical equipment.

1.5. General methodological guidance TNEU Library provides the Library Scientific-methodical commission by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
1.6. The library of the University free of charge.
1.7. Rules are approved by the Rector of the Library University.

2. The readers rights and the basis of the library funds usage.

2.1.The basis of the library funds usage are acceptable to the teaching staff, researchers, doctoral students, graduate students, students, college students, students of pre-university centers and postgraduate training, and labor-nicks structural units of the University and also the outside users.
2.2. External users are served only in the reading rooms.
2.3. Readers have the temporary right to use the scientific, educational, artistic, background, methodical literature, being present at the reading rooms and having subscription right, also is possible to come to the other branches and points of literature giving; use the information and bibliographic service, other services provided by the library; to take part at all kinds  reading-conferences , literary and musical evenings, debates and other events conducted by the library.
2.4. To register an electronic form (EF) you should submit a grade book, student’s card  or official certificate valid in the current year that creates your personal security code (PIN code).
2.5. During the registration a EF user acquainted with the library rules and certifies it to their own personal security code.

3. Members Duties
3.1. For literature getting it  should given the grade book, student ID, or PhD in official testimony fills the reader submits the request or ask the oral request.
3.2. Users are to care the books and other printed works taken from the library funds, return them in time, do not take out off the library without special permission  and if it is not pointed at the correspond documents, do not pull up and bend the pages,  do not take out off the cards from the catalogues, keep the silence at the reading rooms.
3.3. Receiving the literature you should remember the  careful treatment about the books and other printed works, in case of some defects you should inform the librarian, who will make appropriate notes at the publication.
3.4. Responsibility for literature being spoiled treats to those who used it  the last time.
3.5. Library users made some financial losses, should bear the administrative responsibility according to the Laws of Ukraine.
3.6. Users who have lost books from the library collection, or caused them irreparable harm should replace them under the same or equivalent recognized library content.

3.7. The cost for lost or damaged books and other materials is determined by the prices listed in the records of the library considering further indexing their value.
3.8. Replacing the lost or damaged literature writing at the special notebook and confirmed by both signatures of the user and librarian.
3.9. Librarians annually make the reregistration the users. If the user has to re-pass for information literature-all remedy, which, if necessary, he can get back. Users were not re-registered – are not serviced the library.
3.10. Students at the end of the term are required to pass all the books to the library.
3.11. When a user do not use the library, he must return all the books to sign the  letter than the electronic form will be blocked in the database.
3.12. Violation such rules users are denied the right to use the library.

4. The procedure for the use of library funds
4.1. For reading desk:
4.1.1. The literature appears to the teaching staff and researchers in the number of 10-15 copies for month, students - up to 10 copies, other categories of readers - 5 copies of the same period.
4.1.2. Scientifical literature is given for the semester or an academic year in an amount corresponding to at-educational plans and programs of the university.
4.1.3. Fiction can be acceptable in 3 copies up to 15 days. Term of use may be extended after its presentation.
4.1.4. Part-time students
can use textbooks with deadline set depending on own examinations terms.
4.1.5. Not issued to home use:
• encyclopedias and especially valuable publications;
• unpublished edition.
4.1.6. The librarian has the right to extend the use of literature
for thereader’s request, if it is not in favour in other readers.
4.1.7. In case of long keeping the book without valid reasons, the library administration could appropriate sanctions against offenders (deprivation of the right to use library funds on a period of time).
4.2. At the reading rooms:
4.2.1. Books at the reading rooms are issued at the request of readers upon presentation of the relevant document.
4.2.2. Unpublished materials (dissertations, theses, etc.)., Limited use of literature can be given in determinate order.
4.2.3. Take out off a book from the reading room is prohibited. While leaving the reading room users have to pass it available documents.
4.3. In computer rooms:
4.3.1. User computer room should follow the rules for using the Internet.
4.3.2. Users are allowed to run on personal computers (PCs) no more than 1 hour. Time can be extended with no queue.
4.3.3. In the computer room is forbidden to eat and leave debris in the workplace.
4.3.4. In identifying violations in the PC should contact the staff of the computer room.
4.3.5. Users can order literature and work with it using computerized workplaces.

5. Obligations of library service to readers

5.1. Library of TNEU should do the next:
5.1.1. To form its funds in accordance with the profile of educational, research and cultural and educational activities of the university.
5.1.2. Carry out record-keeping, provide storage, organize the rational use of its funds.
5.1.3. Provide  information and bibliographic services to the readers, full and operative requests satisfying.
5.1.4. Create and maintain the reference for bibliographic apparatus, enter and publish some scientific and recommendative
bibliography, indexes, performing reference library, conducts bibliographic reviews etc.
5.1.5. Organize the book exhibitions, information days, days of departments, conferences, literary and musical evenings, debates and other library activities.
5.1.6. To carry out differentiated service to the readers subscription and in reading rooms.
5.1.7. To ensure high level of cultural service to readers, to create conditions necessary for work with cut-governmental information sources through continuous improvement of professional and cultural level of the library employees.
5.1.8. Study the information needs and implement operational support information requests teachers, scientists and students usage, various forms and methods of individual work, group and mass information; conduct research reading needs and interests in order to optimize their satisfaction.
5.1.9. To give readers extensive information about their own information resources, provide access to other databases both in Ukraine and abroad.
          5.1.10. Participate in the creation of sectoral, regional and national databases.
     5.1.11. Spread among the users knowledge of computer science, library science and bibliography, to provide them the skills to work with a book reading culture etc., organize special training according to the curriculum of the university, to conduct some individual interviews, consultations and so on.
       5.1.12. To provide the service information for all  types of library users.
       5.2. The library gives back documents to the user only after returning literature taken before.
5.3. To return the literature from the reader personally using a unique login, identity librarian, who took the book.
5.4. Make control of of book usage,  other printed works and materials by the librarians to the mail, e-mail, telephone or other means of communication to return the literature in this period. If the user ignores reminder library, it shall submit relevant materials to the notary agancies in according with the law.

                  Library headmaster Ph.D. KZ Voznyy