The library of the Ternopil National Economic University is founded in 1967 as an informative and in a civilized manner-elucidative unit of educational institution. It provides informative and library-bibliographic service of students, undergraduates, postgraduate, doctoral students, faculty members and staff of structural subdivisions of TNEU. The fund is universal and composed of educational, scientific, popular scientific, periodical, reference, informatively-bibliographic publications in Ukrainian, Russian and foreign languages (traditional and electronic media).

Library structure
Director of the library of TNEU;
Department of completing and scientific processing of literature;
Informatively-bibliographic department;
Informatively-technical department;
Department of service, which includes three loan departments and six reading rooms.


The library serves over 14,000 readers, including

     Teaching staff – 1218;
     Students - more than 11 000;
     Graduate students - 142.





Library uses software UFD / Library
Electronic catalog - more than 324,000 entries.
Availability of computer engineering
Computers -138 (with free access to Internet) , printers - 10, scanners - 2, bar code scanners -10.