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On the website of our library run a virtual reference service. Virtual reference service (VRS) is an online service that performs single virtual user requestsrelated to the search of different spectrum of information. VDS is part of the information service of the library. "Virtual Reference" is a library service, abibliographer of which will help you to find information about books, articles, and to select list of literature on a specific topic. Before you ask a question, you should read the terms of use Virtual Reference and Bibliographic Service (VRBS) ("Virtual reference") of the library of West Ukrainian National University.


Terms of use Virtual Reference Bibliographic Service (VRBS)
Main terms

The basic principles of the VRS are:
• accessibility, openness and free of charge for all users;
• universal nature of requests;
• speed querying;
• obligated processing of all received inquiries and response;
• obligated notification about impossibility of execution of the request;

• brevity interpersonal interaction of staff (librarians) and remote users;
• privacy of users.


The main provisions

Applying to our service, you can get:

• thematic bibliographical list (by e-catalogue of our library);

• consultation of the bibliographic description and the list to coursework and the essay;

• information about required literature to the essay or coursework;

• list of new acquisitions to the library for a certain period.

Categories of users

Served all customers who contact the service, regardless of age, level of education, place of residence, and whether or not they are readers of the library.

The types of requests
• requests the availabilityin the library of a particular publication, laws and regulations;
• thematic queries, the implementation of which does not require sophisticated bibliographic search;
• factual inqueries.
Sources querying
• electronic catalogue of the library;
• traditional reference and bibliographic apparatus;
• full-text and bibliographic databases which are the property of the library;
• Internet resources.

Note: You can find extended list of references by yourself in the e-catalogue of the university library ( or to make a traditional search through the file directories that can be found in the hall of library catalogues.

Help runs up to 3 working days from the receipt of the request in the order they are received. To ask a question, you must be sure to provide your name, e-mail and formulate your question. Form your request in any form Ukrainian or Russian, but specifically and clearly - this will help experts to give you the correct answer.

The message response is sent to the email address provided at registration. When ordering the list of references, it is desirable to specify the type of document (book, article from a periodical, etc.).

ANSWERS are NOT GIVEN to requests:

• relating to the provision of completed texts essays, course, degree works,dissertations  etc. and searching them in the Internet;

• requests that require deep research and connection to more sources of information that are not in the library;

• related to solving the mathematical, physical and other problems, the translation of texts;
• providing information relating to entertainment (solving crossword puzzles, participation in intellectual games, quizzes and other competitions);

• requests that do not meet the moral and ethical norms and violates the current legislation of Ukraine;
• not send electronic copies of documents, but only include the information  of documents presence in the library;

• inquiries related to the provision of commercial information (purchase/sale, etc.).

Attention!!! In case of violation of any of the conditions "Virtual Reference" bibliographers have the right not to respond to the request and (or) to remove it.

For systematic gross violations of the conditions, the user can be prevented from asking new questions.

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